Simplifying Risk Management with Explorer

In the complex world of financial services, managing operational risk shouldn’t add to the complexity. That’s where Explorer changes the game. Developed with the ethos that true innovation lies in simplicity, Explorer offers a straightforward, intuitive approach to uncertainty management. It’s designed to strip away the intimidation factor from risk assessment, making it accessible to professionals across the financial sector.

Explorer: The Essence of Simplicity

Forget about the steep learning curves and the jargon-laden processes of traditional risk management software. Explorer is built on the principle that managing uncertainty should be straightforward and approachable. It’s about turning what was once a complicated process into something that anyone in your organisation can do effectively, without the need for specialised training in advanced analytics.

Core Features:

  • Intuitive Uncertainty Identification: With Explorer, identifying and structuring operational risks becomes a task that is not only simple but also engaging. This tool is designed to make the first steps in risk management as easy as answering a few straightforward questions about your business operations.
  • Scenario-Based Assessments Made Easy: Explorer’s user-friendly interface allows users to quickly create scenarios that reflect possible outcomes, enabling a clear understanding of risks in both pessimistic and optimistic lights. This method is direct, yet it brings powerful insights to the forefront of your risk management strategy.
  • Unique Risk Interconnection Map: Our innovative Risk Interconnection Map provides a clear, easy-to-understand visualisation of risks and their interconnections. This feature simplifies the complex web of operational risks by showing you not just the likelihood and severity, but how risks influence each other in a straightforward, digestible format.

Case Study: Embracing Simplicity in Uncertainty Management

Reflecting on the wisdom that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” our approach with Explorer was to create a tool that embodies this philosophy. Ourcase study A simple illustration of managing uncertainty demonstrates how Explorer’s simplicity empowered an indivudal to streamline their risk management process, making it easier to identify, prioritise, and address uncertainty without the need for deep dives into data analytics.


Explorer isn’t just another tool in the financial services sector; it’s a step-change in thinking about how operational risk can be managed. By emphasising simplicity, clarity, and ease of use, we’ve made sophisticated risk management accessible to everyone. In a field where complexity is the norm, Explorer stands out by making things simple, proving that managing operational risks doesn’t have to be a daunting task.