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Risk Insights Explorer is a tool that seeks to better understand and explain the connectivity between risks.  As such it is still a work in-progress and we welcome and encourage you to try our software.   The tool has been developed with an eye to intuitive usability, and for users to explore the various maps to identify new insights.  However before exploring the prepared data sets, please read through the following scenario descriptions in order to understand both the purpose and the source of each data set.

Global Risks Data Set

The annual Global Risk Report is produced and developed by the World Economic Forum.   For a decade the WEF have explored the  interconnectedness of global risks as part of their global risk perception survey and reporting.

Risk Insights have developed a methodology that enables organisation to conduct a risk survey and using similar risk maps explore their own risk event universe.

Systemic Risk Scenarios

As part of its statutory objective to protect and enhance financial stability in the United Kingdom, the Bank of England works to identify risks to the stability of the UK financial system. The Systemic Risk Survey contributes to this activity by quantifying and tracking, on a biannual basis, market participants’ perceptions of such risks.

The survey is typically completed by executives responsible for risk management and treasury functions at institutions including: UK banks and building societies; large foreign banks; asset managers; hedge funds; insurers; pension funds; large non-financial companies; private equity firms; and central counterparties.

The Bank survey does not explore risk interconnectedness however using the published H2 2016 results it is possible to explore what the results might look like if the Bank survey chose this path.

CRO Forum Data Set

Flexibility and adaptability was an integral design element when developing Risk Insights Explorer.  As such it is possible to assess and develop management insight using any event risk taxonomy.  In this example we have adapted the presentation from the CRO Forum. We can successfully adapt taxonomies for a wide range of industries and purposes including oil and gas, IT projects, construction, security and scenario planning.

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