The lines between nodes are the Connections

It is understood that in complex systems, risks do not exist or operate in isolation. The value of Risk Insights Explorer is the ability to see and make sense of the connections between Risks. Risks can either be the source of uncertainty e.g. Rate of climate change, or the target e.g. Availability of fresh water.

Hover over a Risk to see its most important connections.

Risk Insights Explorer – Connectivity Map

Since we have insight into the connections between risks, we then asked, is it possible to identify and respond to those risks that have the greatest influence? By determining the direction from Source to Target, and measuring the strength of the connection on a scale from 0 to 5, it is a straightforward process to establish the most influential – and influenced – risks. Calculating Influence in this way enables, for example, management to respond differently to highly influential risks, putting in place additional monitoring if necessary and targeting the impact of the Influence as well as the Risk element itself.