Risks are represented by circles (nodes)

Risks are presented on the Connectivity map as circles and linked to other Risk nodes through connections. The colour of the circle matches the risk category (you can select a category from the top menu). The size of the circle is relative to other risks in the data set, and can be changed to illustrate key aspects of the assessment e.g. impact, influence rating.

Risks are represented as circles (nodes)
Risks are represented as circles (nodes)

On the ZOOM screen use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out of the map. On the ADD screen simply Drag-and-Drop to create a new Risk or to create new connections between risks.

Control Panel

Explorer Control Panel
This area is the control panel where you can customise how your data is visualised, including:
    • Show Risk Labels, Connection lines and Arrows.
    • Use ‘Gravity‘ to increase or reduce the pull between risks and so improve visibility for large maps.
  • Use the dropdown list to visualise the impact assessment of different assessment factors such as Impact value or Influence weighting.