Risk Visualisation

Risk oversight has become an imperative for companies of all sizes and in all industries.  Boards have had to reformulate their approach to risk oversight and organise themselves accordingly. To make informed decisions quickly, leaders need to be able to access, evaluate and transform data into information. The ability to decipher and act swiftly has become a competitive differentiator.

Visualisation in risk management, however, is still not a frequent topic in organisations, possibly because risk is both difficult to visualise and challenging to describe. Instead of simple to understand visuals the Board and Senior Managers are presented with endless tables, colourful charts and simplistic ‘SmartArt’ graphics; it is quite common for a monthly risk report to exceed a hundred pages.

Risk Insights Explorer has been specifically designed to support top-down risk identification and assessment, and to present your risk insights in a visual way that is engaging, interactive and prompts action.