Risk Insights approach to making movies

“How long does it take you to prepare one of your speeches?” asked a friend of President Wilson.

“That depends on the length of the speech,” answered the President. “If it is a ten-minute speech it takes me all of two weeks to prepare it; if it is a half-hour speech it takes me a week; if I can talk as long as I want to it requires no preparation at all. I am ready now.”

Great short content actually takes longer to produce than long content. At Risk Insights we sweat the small stuff whether it’s the image used, its’ timing or duration, the words and language, the music.  We hope we get it right and the end result is a video that’s like a delicious amuse-bouche; an expression of our creativity and showcase of our development, and a tasty morsel best devoured in one bite.

Bon Appétit!