Menu Bar and template data sets

Explorer Menu Bar
Explorer Menu bar

Use the menu bar to Filter the data or select a new data set. If they have been set up then data can be filtered by Assessment, Category or Scenario.

Assessment usually refers to a time period such as Quarter or Year but could equally refer to a company division, function or site.

Category can either be hierarchical as found in a Risk Taxonomy or – more importantly – set up as Uncertainty Factors. Read more on our website on how this can drive significant insight for your business.

You can select a different Data set using the Data menu. The following demonstration data sets are include:

  • WEF Demo – Replicates the World Economic Forum 2018 Risk Report updated to include scenario risk assessments using exclusive Risk Insights analysis of event impacts.
  • HS2 Demo – HS2 is a new UK high-speed rail network from London to Manchester with a projected cost of £56 billion, up from the initial projection of £32.7 billion. The first phase is due to open in December 2026, but this has been called “overly ambitious”. This dataset supports the infographic here.
  • Mr Whimsy – A good friend recently came into some money and wants to invest it all in his life-long dream – Mr Whimsy’s Ice Cream Emporium! This dataset supports the infographic here.
  • Project Pipeline – Based on a case study from the risk paper: Estimation and evaluation of uncertainty: a minimalist first pass approach, this dataset is a simple illustration of the power of Risk Insights Explorer as a tool to support decision-making.