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The following demonstration data sets are included:

WEF Demo

Replicates the World Economic Forum 2018 Risk Report updated to include scenario risk assessments using exclusive Risk Insights analysis of event impacts.

HS2 Demo

HS2 is a new UK high-speed rail network from London to Manchester with a projected cost of £56 billion, up from the initial projection of £32.7 billion. The first phase is due to open in December 2026, but this has been called “overly ambitious”. This dataset supports the infographic here.

Mr Whimsy

A good friend recently came into some money and wants to invest it all in his life-long dream – Mr Whimsy’s Ice Cream Emporium! This dataset supports the infographic here.

Ransomware attack scenario

We use the scenario of a ransomware attack on an insurance firm to assess the impact in terms of direct costs, lost productivity and future revenues. The scenario is based on work done by the Institute of Actuaries cyber working group, however rather than presenting a single point estimate we seek to test assumptions and identify the range of possible impacts.

Project Pipeline

This dataset illustrates the power of Risk Insights Explorer as a tool to support decision-making.